With Crunchfuls, anyone can Supercrunch!

Have a mouthful of Crunchfuls ready to take the pledge. Start crunching and at the same time taking the pledge. You cannot stop crunching while taking the pledge. If you are crunching on Crunchfuls at the moment, you are ready for “The Supercrunchers Pledge”.

  1. I will smile with every bite of Crunchfuls.
  2. I will allow myself to get lost in the crunching experience and crunch as loud as I wish.
  3. I will say “I’m crunching good” half way through my bowlfuls of Crunchfuls.
  4. I will say “I just got my crunch on!” after my bowl is empty.
  5. I will reward myself during my busy day with bonus handfuls of Crunchfuls.
  6. At least once a week I will share my Crunchfuls with another crunching being.

You are now a Supercruncher!