The Humble Superfood

Crunchfuls are made with the seeds of pulse legumes. We call them Pulseeds. These seeds are commonly known as dry beans, lentils and split peas. Crunchfuls puffs are made with 70-80% whole pulseeds combined with 20-30% brown rice to give you the complete protein. The blend of whole pulseeds and rice is milled, steam-cooked and toasted to form crunchy O’s, puffs and crisps.

One serving 1/2 cup(28g) of Crunchfuls gives much more value as compared to average serving of Cheerios at 1 cup (28g). Crunchfuls servings are nutrient dense and so offer more per cup as compared to other salty, oily or sugary products. Oil, sugar and salt can make a serving seem bigger with empty calories. And so, the Crunchfuls promise of “No Empty Calories”.

1 serving of Crunchfuls cereals (28g) or snack (28g) contains:
4 grams of complete protein (all 9 essential amino acids)
4 grams of prebiotic vegetable fiber (soluble fiber + insoluble fiber + oligosaccharides)
15-20 grams or more complex carbohydrates (low glycemic)
0-3g grams of sugar
1/2 serving of USDA-recommended beans and lentils
1/2 serving of USDA-recommended vegetable serving

Pulseeds are nutritious Cool Season Legumes (harvested in the fall season). They are grown all over the world in various climatic and soil conditions and so, come in a variety of shapes and vibrant colors. The USDA food pyramid recommends pulseeds as a protein and vegetable source with a suggested serving of 3-4 cups per week as part of our daily diet.

Pulseeds are a sustainable soil-enriching and water-conserving nutrition source and have existed since as early as 6,000 B.C. when they were first known to be cultivated. Pulseeds are truly the original superfood known to mankind. Today, they form the basis of the famously healthy Mediterranean Diet and are a major source of nutrition in India, Africa, the Middle East, Australia, and the Americas.

Reference: USDA Nutrient Database