What is the science behind Crunchfuls?


Crunchfuls is a high-fiber, high-protein and allergen-free super-crunchy foods, made from ingredients called pulse legumes, commonly made up of lentils, dry beans and split peas. Crunchfuls brand is proud to offer a great tasting product made from a minimal number of inherently healthy ingredients. Crunchfuls is nutritional minimalism at it’s best. This nutritious powerhouse is a premium superfood that is not only delicious. Crunchfuls provides complete protein and is a substantial source of prebiotic fiber, which is great for digestive health.

Is it true that Crunchfuls contains “one full serving of vegetable”?


Yes, 1 cup of Crunchfuls cereals or snacks contains a full serving of vegetables. The main ingredients of Crunchfuls, are protein-filled vegetables, the edible seeds of the pod-bearing family of plants collectively known as pulses or pulse-legumes. Pulses include lentils, dry beans and split peas.

Are Crunchfuls suitable for people with food allergies or sensitivities?


Yes, Crunchfuls is made using ingredients with no gluten,dairy or nuts. Unlike low nutrition rice, tapioca and potato-based gluten-free cereals and snacks, Crunchfuls is high in superior vegetable protein, gentle prebiotic vegetable fiber and packed with complex carbohydrates. Crunchfuls thus offers a better alternative for people with food allergies or sensitivity.

How are Crunchfuls made?


Crunchfuls cereals are made by high-pressure steam cooking and puffing of the milled whole seeds of pulse-legumes to allow optimum preservation of nutrients. The cereal and snacks “puffs” are then toasted to create a delightfully crunchy texture. The cereals are flavored with natural flavors like organic caramel or organic dark cocoa. They are remarkably low in sugar, 3g per 28g serving (1/2 cup). Crunchfuls snacks are made from smokey barbecue, tomato basil and feisty chili lime flavors.

Are Crunchfuls Gluten-free?


Crunchfuls are made from gluten-free ingredients that are also nut-free and dairy-free.
Crunchfuls is made in a facility that makes products containing gluten, dairy and soy. However, strict manufacturing and sanitation practices are used to prevent cross-contamination. The product is routinely tested for gluten.