Our Credo

1. We believe in using the whole seed of a plant. We never use nutrition-stripped over-processed or enriched ingredients.

2. We want our food to be healthy, natural with minimizing allergenic food ingredients. No artificial colors or flavors used.

3. Eating a well-balanced vegetable-based diet with superior quality nutrition is important.

4. Minimize grass-based grains and meat to maintain a healthy body composition.

5. Crunchfuls is made crunchy and delicious with minimal fat, sugar and salt. Food can taste delicious if the natural constituents are maintained and left undiluted.

6. We promote locally-grown, sustainably farmed non-GMO ingredients to respect natural agricultural resources – soil, water and fossil fuels.

7. The reduction of green-house gas emissions and soil and water-conservation is important for the people and the planet.