Digestive Health


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Pulseeds promote better digestive health with fiber.

Fiber is very important for different processes of the body. It helps in prevention of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, high cholesterol constipation, and much more. Soluble Fiber includes prebiotics, which stimulate necessary bacterial growth in the stomach. Prebiotics make the stomach stronger, and better able to digest different kinds of foods, making for a happy gut! Insoluble fiber goes through the digestive system and absorbs water, helping with eliminating wastes from the body. This type of fiber prevents constipation.

The Fiber content in pulseeds is very high. Eating Crunchfuls is a fun and easy way of getting fiber. Bit into a crunchy “O” of Crunchfuls and you will see that you can’t even taste the fiber! It’s remarkable! A spoonful of Crunchfuls really helps the stomach get stronger, and helps with the elimination of wastes. That is why you should eat Crunchfuls! Be a fiber super cruncher and keep your stomach and colon happy!

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