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Pulseeds help target a healthy weight

Stop dieting and trying to lose weight! Instead, maintain a healthy weight that is just right for you! Become a Crunchfuls Super Cruncher, and make Crunchfuls your best friend! Eating this sweet and rich concoction will allow you to maintain a healthy weight.

Pulseeds are the building blocks of Crunchfuls, and contain complex carbohydrates, are high in fiber, high in protein, veggie-licious, contain no cholesterol, no saturated or trans fat, are low in fat altogether (only fat comes from unsaturated sources), and are low in sodium. Pulseeds provide you with a complete source of nutrition.

In a specific study, 30 obese subjects went through 8 weeks of calorie restriction. Half of them did so with a diet high in legumes, and the control group did so without the ingestion of legumes. Results showed that all of the subjects lost weight. The subjects who ingested a diet high in legumes along with the caloric restriction lost more weight than those who had not ingested legumes. As a result, following a diet with a slight decrease in caloric intake, as well as one high in legumes results in weight loss or maintenance.   

 Get on the Supercruncher Crunchfuls Bandwagon, to get on the road to a healthier you!

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