Diabetes Prevention


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Pulseeds help with diabetes prevention and maintenance

Diabetes is becoming more and more prevalent among all populations these days. Glycemic index is very important with people who have this disease. Pulses have a very low glycemic load, therefore making them vital for the diet, not only for diabetics, but also for the prevention of diabetes.

Eating highly nutritious foods and avoiding greasy, salty, and sugary ones is important in diabetes prevention. But wherever will I find such a complete nutritious food, you ask? Well you are in luck! Pulseeds, which are the building blocks of Crunchfuls cereals, contain complex carbohydrates, are high in fiber, high in protein, veggie-licious, contain no cholesterol, no saturated or trans fat, are low in fat altogether (only fat comes from unsaturated sources), and are low in sodium. One serving (1 cup) of Crunchfuls cereal is only 220 calories. And on top of that, all the calories you are getting from Crunchfuls are nutrient dense.

Getting diabetes and then having to deal with it later is not very much fun. So why not deal with it now, and work on prevention? Eat our deliciously yummy cereals and watch you diabetes risk wash away!

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