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In April 2010, Pul Foods Inc. of Mountain View, CA launched a line of highly nutritious breakfast cereals and savory snacks called Crunchfuls. The products are currently sold in major retail in the San Francisco Bay Area and rapidly expanding to the East Coast. Crunchfuls brings to reality, the vision of Dr. Deepa Shenoy, Founder and CEO of Pul Foods, to create a product that all people could consume every day and get healthier. Based on her research, she found that beans, lentils and split-peas, a widely grown commodity would be an excellent resource in improving public health if eaten regularly. The benefits of these ancient seeds of pod bearing plants also known as non-soybean legumes or pulses is well known in the scientific community. But, in the US, consumption had increased only recently and that too in ethnic foods such as Hummus. Dr. Deepa embarked on a quest to create the most commonly eaten category of food – crunchy cereals and snacks that are common and widely consumed in the US.

The immense challenge, never taken by the US food industry led her to many research facilities from coast to coast. With limited personal funding and investments from friends and family who trusted her talent, Dr. Deepa created a range of products with unique flavors. In the process, she also provided work in small and large projects to over a hundred Americans during the worst phase of America’s economic downturn. All aspects of Crunchfuls, including the products, the brand and messaging have been developed in-house by Dr. Shenoy. Most ingredients and the packaging are sourced in the US. The products are manufactured in America’s heartland.

Crunchfuls is neither a gimmick based on a new marketing spin nor does it promise to be the magic bullet of natural supplements from some exotic faraway place. Crunchfuls offers a simple but solid value proposition. It offers an ideal meal in popular forms such as ready to eat cereals and snacks from the best sources of protein, fiber and complex carbohydrates in nature, grown right here in the US. Eaten on a regular basis, Crunchfuls offers superior nutrition because its ingredients are close to a vegetable and far more digestible. The products are also free of common allergens such as wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, nuts and corn, so they can be consumed, so they can be enjoyed by many. Compared to the leading brands in breakfast cereal, the products are many times lower in sodium and sugar, without compromising on taste. We thank you for visiting our website and reading our story. Reach us at: